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A Review of The Fade-Away

The Fade-Away is a complex work of historical fiction written by author George Jansen which focuses particularly on a small town sports team with a quirky difference. This baseball team in the heart of Port Newton, in San Francisco Bay, is made up of down and outs looking to improve their luck. Despite all the eligible men moving onto bigger and better things, the year 1900 signifies a new horizon for the team. On Friday the 13th, of all dates, the local constable uncovers a six-foot, tuxedo-clad American Indian in the Bay, and his awakening promises to take the team and the town to all-new heights of excitement.

This was an unusual tale, but one that I enjoyed very much. Turn of the century American history is not an area which I know a great deal about, so seeing this small town in California brought to life with excellent descriptions and a well researched historical context was a treasure for me. Author George Jansen crafts a beautiful tale full of wit and humor as he brings his bizarre collection of locals to life. Everyone has heart and faith in love and the American ideals, but the story is told with a watchful eye over the direction in which big money is taking society. Amid the strange small-towners and their funny ways, there's a large message brewing which is very clever and enjoyable to uncover. Overall, I'd definitely recommend The Fade-Away to all fans of distinctive culture and American history.

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